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where we produce high quality Swiss and European meat products, labeled as


Here we are using all-natural ingredients and we carefully select the meat from local Taiwanese suppliers.Everything we do is based on traditional recipes. We consequently avoid the use of any kind of chemicals or other artificial additives.You will love the taste of our products and we hope that you will appreciate the passion we put into our homemade delicacies.

In the year of 2010 I came to Taiwan and made it my home. I never missed anything from good old Switzerland. Except one thing:Swiss Food as my mother used to cook it!Although the local Taiwanese food is awesome and delicious, I always missed the authentic and delicious meat products from Switzerland and other European Countries.So – I decided to make it myself. It didn’t start well, and I had to learn a lot. The recipes, the ingredients and the mix of spices and herbs, as well as the production methods were improved over the past few years, until I felt “home” when I ate my own, homemade dishes.Now it’s time to share it with you!~ Alpwirt 高山老丹~

What is瑞士小屋 “Alphütte”

„ALPHÜTTE” is the brand for Swiss and European meat specialties, produced in our “Little European Meat Factory” in Taiwan.

Our goal is

Our products must taste like “FROM MY MOTHER’s KITCHEN”