訊息概要 / General Information

I. 當您使用 瑞士小屋Alphütte官方網站購物之服務時,即表示您同意以電子文件作為意思表示之方法。
While shopping at the Alphütte official website, you agree to use electronic files to complete your transaction.

II. 如本店有正當理由無法接受您的訂單,將於收到您的訂單後三個工作日內附正當理由通知您。
If our shop is unable to process your order for a legitimate reason, we will notify you with a legitimate reason within three working days after receiving your order.

III. 本店將依照個人資料保護法令相關規定保護您的個人資料,並遵守隱私權政策。
Our store will protect your personal data in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act and abide by the privacy policy.

IV. 本店將於知悉您的帳號密碼遭冒用時,立即停止該帳號所生交易之處理及後續利用。
If we learn that your account password has been fraudulently used, the store will immediately stop processing the order and subsequent transactions generated by the account.

V. 我們確保與您交易之電腦系統具有符合一般可合理期待之安全性。
Our shop ensures that our computer system meets the general reasonable expectations for security and peace of mind shopping with us.

VI. 若您對與本店之交易有任何問題,請以下方電話聯繫我們 (週二~周五) 09:30~17:00:
If you have any questions regarding your transaction with our store, please call
Tuesday to Friday 09:30~17:00:

0909-711-242 (英文 / English)
0911-910-910 (中文 / Chinese)

During out of office hours you can contact us through the following ways below and we will address your concerns as soon as possible.

購物說明 / Shopping Instructions

1. 購物流程 / Shopping Process

a) 登入 / 加入會員 – Login / Register

In order to protect your rights, please register as a member or log in with FB before you start shopping; please read our website statement.

b) 確認規格及數量後,將商品加入購物車。
After confirming the product specifications and quantity, add the products to your shopping cart.

c) 點選頁面右上方購物車即可檢視您的訂購清單及數量,送出訂單後將無法修改。
To check-out click the shopping cart at the top right corner of the page to view your shopping list and quantity. The order cannot be modified after it is sent.

d) 填寫收件人資訊、付款方式、發票資料,並確認各項資料填寫正確,以確保商品順利送達。
Fill in recipient information, payment method, and invoice information.
Please confirm that the information is filled in correctly to ensure the smooth delivery of the goods.

e) 提交訂單。付款完成後即完成訂單,同時系統會自動寄出訂單成立的通知信件到您申請會員時所登記的信箱;訂單送出後將無法修改。
Submit your order. After the payment is completed, the order will be processed and the system will automatically send a notification letter to confirm the order to the mailbox you registered when you applied for membership; the order cannot be modified after it is sent.

f) 如購買金額未達免運標準,顧客需自行負擔運費,運費請參照下方[4. 交貨方式及運費]說明。
Delivery fees are paid by the customer unless the order qualifies for free shipping. For details please refer to below section 4: Delivery and Delivery Cost.

2. 訂單進度 / Order Progress

a) 登入會員後→【會員中心】→【訂單】可查詢訂單明細及狀態。
After logging in as a member, → 【Login/Register】 →【Order】, you can check your order details and status.

b) 本商店在收到您成立的訂單後,基於食品保存安全問題,並在維護產品新鮮之原則,本商店不會有大量庫存,或許有些商品是在收到您的訂單後才開始製作,原則上我們會在七個工作日內將您的商品配送出去。
The store does not have a large amount of inventory due to food preservation safety issues and the principle of maintaining the freshness of the products. Perhaps some products will be made after receiving your order. In principle, we will deliver your goods within seven working days.

3. 付款方式 / Payment

a) ATM轉帳 – ATM transfer
As long as the payment is directly transferred to the designated account on the system, the payment can be completed. Each designated account can only be used for this order. After the transfer is completed, the payment system will notify us that you have completed the transfer and payment, and we will ship to you in the shortest possible time.

b) 信用卡線上刷卡 – Credit Card
信用卡線上刷卡:配合綠界第三方支付,您可以安心使用信用卡VISA、MASTER、JCB(不支援美國運通卡) 即時線上刷卡,馬上就可以付款完成。
You can use your credit card VISA, MASTER, JCB (American Express not supported) to purchase instantly, and the payment can be completed immediately.

4. 交貨方式及運費 / Delivery and Delivery Cost

a) 本公司委由黑貓宅急便,配送低溫/常溫商品,送達您的指定地點,如同一訂單內含不同溫層的商品,將分開溫層配送。
Our company commissions BlackCat to deliver cold/room temperature products to your designated location. If the same order contains products with different temperature levels, they will be separated.

b) 黑貓周日不投遞。目前提供「13時前」、「14~18時」二個送達時段可以選擇,但因實際路況無法掌握,故實際送達時間以黑貓當日配送狀況為主。請您自行斟酌商品可能延遲的時間,瑞士小屋Alphütte不負擔貨品延遲到貨的任何賠償。
BlackCat does not deliver on Sundays. Currently, two delivery time slots are available: “Before 13:00” and “14:00~18:00”. However, because the actual road conditions can vary, the actual delivery time is based on the delivery status of BlackCat on the day of delivery. Please consider the possibility of delays. Alphütte does not offer any compensation for delayed arrival of goods.

c) 如遇春節、端午、中秋、雙11等貨運量大之節日,到貨日會依據貨運公司政策而有調整,會另外公告在網站及購物車結帳頁面。
In the event of Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Double 11 Day, or other festivals with large order volumes, the arrival date will be adjusted according to the company’s shipping policy and will be separately announced on the website and the shopping cart checkout page.

d) 運費計算 / Shipping Rate Calculation
參照黑貓運費連結 https://www.t-cat.com.tw/Inquire/timesheet3.aspx
Based on the BlackCat cold temperature home delivery rate.
Please refer to https://www.t-cat.com.tw/Inquire/timesheet3.aspx

->折扣後,滿 2,500(含)元以上,可享免運費。
-> If your purchasing value (after any discount) is NT$ 2’500 or more, we will cover the shipping cost for this specific order.

以上免運優惠不適用於 特惠商品、組合商品、特定禮盒。
Above discount and free shipping policy is not valid for any special offers, discounted sales events or gift boxes.

e) 配送地點及特定活動免運優惠僅限配送台灣本島地區,如須配送外島請先來電洽詢。
The free shipping discount for specific delivery locations and activities is only available for delivery to the main island of Taiwan. If you need to deliver to the outer islands, please call first.

f) 台灣外島地區:運費另計,並由客戶負擔。
Taiwan’s outer islands: shipping cost is calculated separately and is the responsibility of the customer.

g) 國外地區:因法令規定限制,恕不提供國外地區配送服務,不便之處懇請見諒!Foreign regions: Due to legal restrictions, we will not provide delivery service to foreign regions. Sorry for the inconvenience!

5. 退貨說明 / Returns

a) 基於食品安全衛生考量,生鮮易腐敗商品依法已排除適用七天鑑賞期,恕無法退換貨。
Due to food safety and hygiene considerations, fresh and perishable commodities are excluded from the seven-day appreciation period according to law and cannot be returned or exchanged.

b) 本公司產品經嚴格品質控管,請於有效期限內食用完畢。
The company’s products conform to strict quality control. Please consume our products within the indicated expiration time.

c) 為維護食品的衛生安全,食品一經拆封後,除非品質有異常不良,恕不接受退換貨。
In order to maintain the hygiene and safety of our food, once the food is opened, no return or exchange will be accepted unless there is an issue with quality.

d) 為保障您的權益,請於收到物品後立即開啟檢視是否正確與完整,若有任何問題請立即與我們聯繫(舉凡:運送途中損壞、商品解凍),請您立即拍照存證,並請於收到商品後一天內,備妥您的訂單編號或訂購人相關資料,與我們聯繫,我們會儘速為您處理退換貨事宜,若2日內無立即反應,恕不接受退貨。
In order to protect your rights and interests, please check the correctness and completeness immediately after receiving your order. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately (for example: damage during transportation, unfreezing of the product). Please take a photo and save it immediately, and please prepare your order number or relevant information within one day after receiving the goods and contact us. We will handle the return and exchange for you as soon as possible. If there is no immediate response within 2 days, no return will be accepted.

e) 退貨商品須回復原狀,並保持產品、配件、標籤和包裝的完整。
The returned goods must be restored to their original condition and the products, accessories, labels, and packaging must be kept intact.

f) 若因品質問題需要辦理退貨,請與我們聯繫,確認您的退貨申請符合條件後,我們將會儘快為您安排退貨事宜。
If you want to return the goods because of any reason or quality issues, please contact us with your inquiry. If we approve the return, we will arrange the necessary.

g) 退換貨處理期間,請留存所有文件並保持商品整體完整,需要冷凍保存之商品務必置於冷凍庫保存,若商品已拆封,或是因消費者對商品的不當處理及保存方式錯誤而造成商品損壞變質,則本公司將有保留退換貨的權利。
During the return and exchange process, please keep all documents related to this purchase and keep the goods intact as a whole. The goods that need to be frozen must be stored in a freezer. If the goods have been opened, the consumer improperly handled the goods, or the wrong storage method was utilized resulting in the goods being damaged or deteriorated, the company reserves the right to revoke the return or exchange of goods.

h) 本公司收到退貨後,ATM現金交易者將於14個工作天內退回原價金;信用卡交易者將於3個工作天內辦理信用卡交易取消手續。
After the company receives the returned goods, ATM transactions will be refunded the original price within 14 working days; credit card transactions will be canceled within 3 working days.

i) 以下無法退貨情形 :
Returns are not accepted under the following circumstances:

• 超過2日的期限及不符合退貨條件成立者。
The request is not within two days or not approved in advance by us.
• 出貨明細表、發票、贈品、產品相關配件等不齊全。
The shipping invoices, receipts, gifts, product-related accessories, etc. are not complete.
• 商品因人為因素導致毀損傷、變質、包裝破損不完整或需要冷凍保存之商品無做冷凍庫保存等。
Products are damaged, deteriorated, due to human factors, or products that need to be frozen are not stored in a freezer.
• 不明原因而自行將商品寄回者。
The goods are sent back for unknown reasons.
• 銷售時已特別註明無法退換貨之商品。
The goods cannot be returned or exchanged as specified during a special sales event.

6. 其他備註 / Additional Remarks

a) 食品類商品因衛生安全考量,除本身瑕疵品外,恕不接受退換貨。
Due to health and safety considerations, food products cannot be returned or exchanged except for defective products.

b) 若因不可抗力因素而無法按時送達商品,將通知客戶延遲收貨時間或取消訂單,敬請見諒。
If the goods cannot be delivered on time due to circumstances out of our control, the customer will be notified of the delay or cancelation of the order. Please forgive us for things beyond our control.

c) 因訂購人所提供的資料不完整而無法即時聯繫,或因個人因素無法收件等導致損失,恕不接受退換貨/款。
If the information provided by the customer is not complete and he/she cannot be contacted immediately, or the customer cannot receive the order due to personal factors, returns/refunds are not accepted

d) 網站與實體店面的價格與活動或許會有所不同。
Prices and activities on the website and at the physical location may be different.

e) 本店保留接受訂單與否之權利。
Our shop reserves the right to accept or refuse orders.

f) 在本商城中各項商品或勞務之交易,以中華民國法律為準據法,如有糾紛發生時,以台灣台北地方法院為第一審管轄法院。
The law of the Republic of China (Taiwan) shall apply to the transactions of goods or services. In the event of a dispute, the “Taiwan Taipei District Court” shall have jurisdiction.